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Boat and RV Storage Tips

Below are some boat storage tips to help you prepare your boat for the winter. Following these steps will leave you in better shape when springtime rolls around. Many of these boat storage tips chould actually be part of your year-round routine.

Boat Storage Tips:

It is very important to store your boat in a well-lit, secure location.

Be sure to clean and wax your boat before storing it for long periods of time.

It is a good idea to cover your boat whether using indoor boat storage, outdoor boat storage on storing in a marina.

A good boat cover should be tight, with no low areas for water to collect. However, it is very important that the boat cover allows air to circulate.

Cover your outboard engine as well to keep it out of the rain and direct sunlight.

Trailer Storage Tips:

Check the pressure on all trailer tires. Also, cover the tires they will be in direct sunlight.

Inspect and tighten all lug nuts on trailer wheels.

Check the wheel bearings and grease / repack as necessary.

Check trailer wiring and ensure it is working properly.

Contact your local boating / trailer parts supplier for an outboard motor lock (if applicable).

If your boat is on a trailer, it is a good idea to use a trailer lock or chain the trailer to a large, immobile object.

Winterizing your Boat:

Perform routine inspection and maintenance on engine as listed in your owner’s manual.

Draining / Refilling Crank Case

Draining / Refilling Cooling System

Inspecting Fuel Line, carburetor, and fuel tank(s)

Inspecting propeller and greasing shaft

Checking for any loose or worn parts

Inspecting battery – if storing for extended period of time, remove battery and store in cool, dry location.

Fill fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer.

Miscellaneous Boat Storage Tips:

Take down any available identification numbers for your boat and / or trailer.

It is also a good idea to take pictures of your boat and any valuable items for insurance purposes.

Make a note of when your boat registration is due to expire, just incase this occurs during the winter months.